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Named the most important substances for the proper functioning of the body

Названы самые важные вещества для правильного функционирования организмаWithout them it is simply not enough.

According to experts, our body needs daily in dozens of nutrients, especially in those which it cannot synthesize on their own.

Today we will discuss the most important energy sources and structural elements of the body.


Protein molecules consist of smaller molecules called amino acids. There are twenty naturally occurring amino acids. Some names may be familiar to you: lysine, glutamine, and tryptophan. When the products containing the protein get into our body, they are broken down into amino acids and from them create protein structures necessary for the operation of the whole body.

The human body is able to synthesize eleven of the twenty amino acids needed. Accordingly, nine of the amino acids can be only from food. Different products contain different composition of proteins, so you need to have a varied diet to get the food all the nine different amino acids.

Daily need for protein depends on age, height and weight, health and physical activity. Intake of protein for adults at 1-1.5 g per 1 kg of body weight with regular physical activity, and 1.5-2 g per 1 kg of weight for those who constantly trains. But do not get involved in protein, its consumption in excess can cause kidney problems.


Dietary fats are not always harmful. On the contrary, if they are not contaminated with toxins, and they possess some useful properties: give the body energy for a long period of time, help hormonal balance. Therefore, you should Supplement the diet with foods that contain omega 3: nuts, fish, green vegetables.

Saturated fats raise cholesterol, sometimes are the cause of heart disease. However, a small number of them are still necessary, as they are rich in minerals, play a role in supporting the immune system, used in the brain.

The most harmful of fats are TRANS fats. It’s unsaturated fats, the last heat treatment. They can be found in fast food and confectionery. Try to avoid such products.


Carbohydrates are the basis of healthy nutrition. You probably already know that carbohydrates are mostly charge our body and brain with energy. Our body converts carbohydrates into glucose, and then uses it as fuel.

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