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Named the most helpful products for bowel

Названы самые полезные продукты для кишечникаFive delicious fruit and vegetables every day.

Not every one of us can boast of regular supply of sufficient amounts of vegetables and greens, especially in winter.

Statistically, we eat only 3 servings of fruits and vegetables, i.e. every day don’t gather additionally the necessary vitamins and minerals.

Cherry – early berry. Waiting for her all and for good reason. Low calorie cherries can benefit your figure, but subject to moderate use. Berry collected a whole range of Goodies: vitamins b, C, E, K, to calcium, magnesium, iron, iodine and phosphorus. Want to improve metabolism and overall intestinal function? With cherries this can be done without problems. Of course, it is best to eat in their original form, just plucked from the tree. But to prepare delicious desserts and pastries, nobody forbids.

Cauliflower is an underrated vegetable. We use it in familiar to many recipe – fried in batter. This beauty with magnificent forms created in order to be admired in its raw form or with a light steam treatment. So it will retain maximum number of nutrients and the entire taste range. Cauliflower protects our body from inflammation, beneficial effects on the digestive tract, even “reaches” for its benefits to hair and skin. Be sure plug in your summer menu this vegetable and don’t forget to freeze the buds for the winter.

Mint and lemon balm
These herbs can fall in love at first breath. Fragrant mint and lemon balm – Queen among the plant world. Vitamins b, C, carotene, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, copper, zinc, range of useful components can be listed long. Remember that herbs can not only make tea, but also add them to meals: soups, salads, morning cocktails, homemade ice cream, snacks, mushrooms and even fish masterpieces.

Spinach contains the maximum amount of vitamins, fiber, iron, carotenes, and folic acid. So do not miss your chance to live a full enriching the body with essential micro and macro. Also remember that this leafy vegetable is a leader in the iodine content. Spinach promotes the excretion of body toxins, strengthens blood vessels, normalizes the digestive tract. Add it to smoothies, to salad, to main dish, for example, legumes.

Green peas
The emergence of young green peas in the diet is a joyful event for any season. In this sea of vitamins (A, b, C, PP), fiber and protein. He even has a healing ability: analgesic gastric ulcer (in the form of puree), prevents heart attacks, hypertension, normalizes blood sugar, takes part in metabolic processes of the body and fights aging. Peas are low in calories. Add him to light vegetable soups, refreshing salads, finally just eat it raw.

Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the taste, aroma and benefits of products. Invent original, but simple recipes for your health and well-being of his family.

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