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Named the most healthy Ukrainian dishes

Названы самые полезные для здоровья украинские блюдаThe doctors told me about the meals you need to eat often.

Scientists have repeatedly stated that the most useful food for humans – the one that is in the same area where he lives.

For example, the Chinese, the most useful thing there is Chinese cuisine, Americans American, and the Ukrainians – Ukrainian. Here everything is simple as ABC. But nutritionists have supplemented this recommendation with some nuances.

According to experts of the HLS, in the Ukrainian national cuisine there are five dishes, which certainly should not refuse, as they bring enormous health benefits.

Named the most useful Ukrainian dishes:

1. Jelly. Few know that the jelly useful for lungs and bronchi, and joints, but only if there is its little and not often.

2. Fat. This all Ukrainians favorite product is able to strengthen the immunity and give strength to warm, improve digestion and even mood.

3. Soup. With the help of nourishing soup can strengthen the protective functions of the body, accelerate metabolism and generally improve the digestive system.

4. Dumplings. Particularly useful the dumplings with cherries, but with cabbage, potatoes and cheese is also not inferior to its nutritional properties.

5. Cheese cakes or cakes with cottage cheese. The main ingredient of these dishes is cheese and it is useful for bone, including teeth.

These reasons include Ukrainian dishes in your diet and be healthy.

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