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Named the most healthy foods for the pancreas

Названы самые полезные продукты для поджелудочной железыTen important health products.

Recent studies have shown that elevated blood sugar when it is too early to diagnose diabetes, but the pancreas is broken, it is very important to fight for health. It turns out that certain foods can trigger the recovery of the body, producing among other things a priceless insulin, which is often lacking in people with diabetes.

Scientists have suggested that the simple foods which are in every shop, you can be effective with many ailments. To confirm or refute this hypothesis, the researchers conducted a series of experiments on laboratory animals and volunteers that have agreed under medical supervision to follow a diet rich in foods from a predetermined list. At the end of the study, almost all participants noted the improvement of health status, all this had a positive impact on the condition of the pancreas.

Those who are already diagnosed with diabetes of the second type, it is necessary to consult with your doctor regularly to measure the level of glucose in the blood, avoiding too low or high figures. Also, of course, subject to this diet should not refuse to support drugs that are recommended by the doctor. All of this is important for the stabilization of diabetes.

Insulin-dependent diabetics who receive insulin every day, absolutely can not abruptly change your diet. This can only lead to deterioration, because type I diabetes is an autoimmune disease, cure a diet which is impossible.

TOP 10 foods that will help to regenerate the pancreas:

Marine fish.
Olive oil.
Whole grain flour products in limited quantities.

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