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Named the most harmful products for teeth

Названы самые вредные продукты для зубовCoffee, tea and sweets not only affect our teeth.

Doctors have called 3 products that should be avoided on the path to a healthy and radiant smile.

Sweet drinks

These drinks contain huge amounts of sugar, and is harmful not only for the teeth but also the shape. In addition to the popular soda contains a lot of acids that destroy enamel: phosphoric and citric.

Sports drinks and chewable tablets with vitamins

In a variety of sports drinks, except vitamins, also added various acids and sugar. They are, again, harm the enamel and destroy it. With regard to chewable tablets, then they are more harmful than drinks due to the fact that longer acid effect on the enamel during mastication.

Foods that cause dry mouth

Often alcohol and various drugs can permanently cause dry mouth, reducing saliva production. It’s bad for teeth, so in such situations, you should regularly rinse your mouth.

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