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Named the most harmful products for intestinal health

Названы самые вредные продукты для здоровья кишечникаIn the diet should not be recycled fats.

American researchers representing the Cleveland Clinic, said about the rapid spread of cases of cancer of the intestine, provoked by incorrect nutrition.

Such a diet they believe diet, which is dominated by saturated and processed fats. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Despite calls for healthy eating, a lot of modern people, the study found that prefer a high-calorie diet, often eat fatty foods industrial processing – cheeses, sausages and meats, desserts. This habit doctors estimate as critical in the development of colon cancer, one of the most widespread and deadly types of cancer.

For the US population this is a particularly serious problem.

“Tumors of the intestines, caused by activation of molecular pathways that feed abnormal cells under the influence of fats, are one of the most common in the United States. Such cases occur more in people younger than 55 years,” noted with concern the authors of the new project.

Experts from the Cleveland Clinic stated that in 80% of cases it is abundant with unhealthy fats food is the main precipitating factor in the development of colon cancer.

According to doctors, they are wary of the fact that in your diet many people are trying to avoid carbs. The proportion of calories that could provide these nutrients, they prefer to fill at the expense of protein and fat. Experts stressed that a healthy diet levels of carbohydrates should be at least 30%, while their sources should be vegetables and grain.

“Even a small excess amount of fat negatively affects the body and contributes to the development of cancers of the intestines,” warned the authors.

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