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Named the most “favorable” passports of the world

Названы самые «выгодные» паспорта мираSurprisingly, the first in the list – Asians.

Each year, the company Arton Capital is “the most powerful passports” (Individual Passport Power Rank).

Holders of passports of these countries can visit the greatest number of countries in the world, without burdening yourself with worries on visa. In 2017, the first place went to Singapore. For Singapore passport without a visa to enter in 124 countries and 35 to obtain a visa on arrival.

“For the first time in the history of the strongest passport in the world is an Asian country. It is proof of the effective foreign policy of Singapore”, commented the experts Arton Capital, managing the Singapore branch of the company Philip may.

In 2016, Singapore was ranked in 14th place. And the leader of the list was Germany. This year she took second place. With her passport without a visa can travel to 125 countries and in 33 to get a visa on arrival.

Also in the top 10 are Sweden (124 countries without a visa and 33 visa on arrival), South Korea (117 and 40, respectively), Denmark, Finland and Italy (all 124 and 32), France (123 and 33), Spain (122 and 34) and Norway (120 and 36).

It is interesting to note that the US passport now takes 21st place- 114 countries without a visa and 40 with visa on arrival. Russia ranks 83rd place, while Ukraine came in 65th position. With Ukrainian passport can visit without a visa from 86 countries, and in 34 to obtain a visa on arrival.

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Perhaps with this, and for the continuation of the passport hype. The holiday season has passed, but the polygraph combine “Ukraina” is still unable to cope with the influx of orders for the biometrics.

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