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Named the most extravagant wishes of wealthy tourists

Названы самые экстравагантные пожелания богатых туристовThe strangest whims.

If the average campers sometimes ask for a room in a hotel with sea views or enjoy a steak cooked to a certain doneness, from the rich tourists and their quirks.

Specializing in luxury vacation company Stay One Degree called 10 of the most extravagant requests from rich clients. This writes the Business Insider.

The portal Stay One Degree, which is organizing a luxury holiday, made the list of most bizarre requests of the rich.

Opens the list of the request of one of the company’s customers to install in the apartment for guests, a huge aquarium and run it the sharks.

Another fad was the equipment in the bedroom or close to it a room of fear, which will help to diversify the cultural program during the holidays.

Part of the rich clients insisted on the presence of property of the helipad. The company noted that one of the main reasons why people are looking for a property with area for helicopters – the inability to use the airport for ordinary mortals. In 2017 the interest in such sites has increased by 500%, added the representatives Stay One Degree.

Among the extravagant wishes of wealthy tourists also:
the presence of the portrait painter, who at any moment will be able to capture on canvas one of the episodes of rest;
wine cellar with 30 years of Bordeaux wine and a 50-year-old whiskey;
bulletproof glass in all major rooms of the residence;
own coastline and access to a private beach.

Rounding out the top 10 fads of the wealthy rural houses in the garden for children with a full range of amenities, including electricity, water, cinema and games room; a private zoo and exotic animals live, preferably all of them a tiger; a large dressing room with a private stylist.

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