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Named the most expensive for drivers Europe

Названы самые дорогие для водителей страны ЕвропыThe contents of the car – it’s not much cheaper than its purchase.

Fuel, scheduled maintenance, breakdowns – all “pulls” money. The amount of money motorists spend on the machine is different, even among fans of the same brand and model. First and foremost it depends on the country in which the vehicle is used

So, according to the ranking of the most expensive for the owners of the car countries Leaseplan Carcost Index, the most in Europe on the contents of the machine spend, the residents of Norway.

An average car running on gasoline, living in Norway spend 708 euros per month. This is the highest for the Europe index.

Cheaper at 695 euros per month – cost personal transport residents of the Netherlands.

Belgium rounded out the top three most expensive countries in Europe for car owners. In Belgium, for a car with a gasoline engine takes an average of 547 euros per month, with diesel — 537 euros.

Cheaper personal transport costs of living in Hungary is € 360 per month on the car and with that and with another type of fuel.

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