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Named the most depressing day of 2017

Назван самый депрессивный день 2017 годаAccording to the psychologist, that day is today.

British psychologist cliff Arnol from the University of Cardiff calculated by your own formula that 16 January is the most depressing day of 2017.

Cliff Arnol in 2005 calculated a calendar for lucky and unlucky days. Scientist has developed a formula which took into account many factors that affect the psychological mood of a person, whether it’s the weather, the salary, the atmosphere in the family and so on. And according to these calculations, the third Monday of January for the inhabitants of the Earth will be the most difficult day and period of testing.

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Why the third Monday of January? Because at this time ended new year’s celebrations, people are switching to a simple meal and have difficulties with money, because before the January payday is still far away, and savings are spent on gifts and Goodies. Plus weather and lack of sunlight, which negatively affects the psyche, contributing to depression. In 2017 to these factors they add the tense political situation.

To minimize the impact of the heaviest days of the year, cliff Arnol recommends not to dwell on all the problems at once. The scientist advises to spend more time with friends and loved ones, thus saving from stress of not only themselves, but others as well. And yet, according to the researcher, this unusual Monday you can use to start something from the beginning. To go on a diet, find a new job or will drop the old one and have a good rest. “Live it!”, – reads the main Board of psychologist.

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