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Named the most dangerous poisons in the world. Photo

Названы самые опасные в мире яды. ФотоThey have on the body detrimental effects.

The human body is a fragile system, imbalance in which can make any, even the most harmless substance. The question is usually just a dose. All kinds of toxins and poisons accompany a person almost everywhere. In order to deal with them, does not necessarily need to be a politician or billionaire, for whom hunting crowd killers with hidden syringes.

In this article we will tell you about the most dangerous toxins and poisons, ranging from those that can be found in each apartment, to the more exotic fluids and gases.

1. Mercury

Названы самые опасные в мире яды. Фото

Although today in any pharmacy you can buy a modern electronic thermometer, certainly practically in each apartment a no-no, and there is good old mercury thermometer with a yellow stripe. Mercury, which, incidentally, is not only in thermometers but also in some types of lamps, is one of the strongest poisons for humans. Mercury poisoning is accompanied by metallic taste in the mouth, acute pain in the abdomen, nausea, vomiting, blood in stool and bleeding gums. However, with regular contact with small doses of mercury man dies not at once, and a death easily confused with the common heart attack. That is why in Soviet times, the mercury and has become quite a popular weapon, with which some desperate women dared to lime their unloved husbands.

2. The poison curare

Названы самые опасные в мире яды. Фото

The poison curare, which is made from the bark of a plant native to South America, is one of the most famous poisons in the world. Use it for the first time thought of the Indians inhabiting the valley of the Amazon river, which caused the poison on the arrows. That arrow becomes a deadly weapon like hunting animal and hunting rights. No matter what part of the body I had shot. Even if an arrow had pierced no vital organ, plant alkaloids contained in the poison, immediately deprived the victim of the ability to move and paralyzed the respiratory system, causing death by suffocation. By the way, despite the fact that the victim’s death need only minor scratches, after heat treatment the meat of dead animals, the poison loses its strength, and the meat was considered a real delicacy among the natives. Today curare and its derivatives, in therapeutic doses, is actively used in medicine to calm the nervous system and relax the muscles of the patient at the time of surgery.

3. Sarin

Названы самые опасные в мире яды. Фото

If the thermometers have virtually everyone, and curare can be found in the operating, sarin is one of the most deadly poisonous gases in the world – get now virtually impossible. This gas has nerve properties and prior to the adoption of international conventions on chemical weapons were used by the Americans as a chemical warfare agent. Inhalation lethal concentration of sarin is achieved after only one minute. After poisoning, the victim loses control over his body. Typical symptoms of poisoning include vomiting, involuntary defecation and urination, painful convulsions and, ultimately, cardiac arrest.

Well-known instance of the use of sarin was the attack of the participants of the sect “Aumente” in the Tokyo subway. Fanatics released sarin in a train, injuring hundreds of passengers. The last time sarin was used as a chemical weapon in Syria, according to different sources, from the gas died from two hundred to several thousand people, including children.

4. Tetrodotoxin

Названы самые опасные в мире яды. Фото

Tetrodotoxin is one of the strongest nerve poisons in the world, which is found in fish-Blowfish. This toxin when ingested immediately absorbed into the bloodstream and affects the kidneys, nerves and heart. Poisoning is accompanied by cramps, vomiting and excruciating pain in the abdomen. In the end, the poison victim loses control over the respiratory muscles and dies from suffocation. Before the poison tried to use the doctors as a strong pain, however, this idea had to be abandoned because of the strong toxicity of the drug.

By the way, the tetrodotoxin contained in the fish used to prepare the famous Japanese delicacy dish of fugu. The slightest error in the process of cooking makes the dish a deadly threat, because many of the internal organs of the fish contain a knowingly fatal dose of poison. However, that does not stop foodies who want to tickle their nerves, and only in the last three years, more than a hundred people went to the hospital after the poisoning of poorly prepared fugu.

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