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Named the most dangerous place in the house to charge the smartphone

Названо самое опасное место в доме для зарядки смартфонаIt has become known, which can lead to charging of mobile devices near a man

American researchers stated that you cannot charge your mobile device in the room where people sleep.

They are convinced that the impact of the gadgets on the body overnight while charging becomes much more dangerous. This statement was made by the staff of the American society for the study of radiation.

Common habit is to set the smartphone on the charger next to the bed during sleep, it is harmful and dangerous. According to scientists, this may become one of factors of occurrence of serious diseases. In particular, the radiation from a smartphone left on charge all night, can lead to skin irritation, headaches and skin cancer. Experts said that to put the device on charging all night near the head inherent in over 70% of people.

However, during charging, the battery device becomes particularly dangerous to the human body. It is noted that during sleep in every human body greatly reduced function of the protective system, which improves the sensitivity to radiation from the devices is charging.

People use smartphones every day, and about 30% of diseases are directly linked to the receipt of radiation from the devices.

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