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Named the most dangerous for the figure products

Названы самые опасные для фигуры продуктыPeople who care about their figure, should be excluded from the diet of these products.

While we believe the calories in each Apple, perhaps we should pay not on the amount of food eaten and on its quality.

Sausage, grilled meat, barbecue. People on diets, have to abandon them completely – otherwise the whole work will go to pieces. Usually such products are made from the fatty parts of animals. So, 500 grams of steak “weigh” about 1 500 calories and include about 124 grams of harmful saturated fats.

Chips and other crunchy snacks they sabotage any diet. 25 grams of potato chips contain about 160 calories and 10 grams of saturated fat. A Cup of popcorn that you buy at the cinema, contains 550 calories and 31 grams of fat. Try snacking on fruits and vegetables.

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The toppings and dressings (dressings) for salads. Salad can be a wonderful easy dish completely healthy. But many people, adding different “Goodies”, make the salad in a ticking time bomb. Chicken pieces, bacon, cheese, creamy dressings, nuts – all these hundreds if not thousands of excess calories.

Mayonnaise and salads, enriched the sauce. A half portion of potato salad is 180 calories and 12 grams of unhealthy fats. To reduce caloric intake, it is better to use for salad dressings light mayonnaise, and even yogurt.

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Alcoholic cocktails, this is usually “long”: sweet fruit drink that is usually served with an umbrella, you will add a lot of calories. For example, a “Pina colada” you will end up from 245 to 490 calories, “Daiquiri” – 300-800 calories, and “long island ice tea” – about 520 calories or more – depends on amount of sugar.

Sverhkaloriynogo instead of these drinks, if you really want alcohol, order a dry wine, it will be most secure for your figure.

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