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Named the most dangerous for health diet

Названы самые опасные для здоровья диетыIsraeli scientists have said, what diets can lead to mental disorders and other health problems.

Experts from the University of Haifa for 5 years and investigated the impact of dietary preferences and different diets on the human body. As revealed by scientists, half of the participants, or otherwise restricting your diet, develop psychiatric disorders, including depressive or irritable depression and anxiety.

According to experts, any tasteless food makes people lethargic and reduces emotional state, causing at best chronic fatigue. Psychological trauma received due to the ingestion of foods disliked, often results in a nervous breakdown.

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In that case, if the person is a long time sitting on the mono-diet, he is disturbed metabolism and the body start to accumulate ketone bodies, just like in diabetes. The lack of such useful substances as glucose, leads to depletion of the brain and cardiodilatin to malnutrition of the heart muscle. In addition, long-term mono-diet develops vitamin deficiency and weakens the immune system.

At the same time fasting in some cases can cause depletion of the white matter of the brain, the raw food diet to the disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, and the rejection of salt and sugar to decrease neural conduction and disturbances in the brain and heart. However, due to color diets (eating foods of the same color), there are certain problems with the liver and production of bile, while complete rejection of carbohydrates, fats and proteins is the cause hormonal disruptions because of the metabolic disorders.

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