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Named the most dangerous footwear for driving

Названа самая опасная обувь для вожденияIn some countries, drivers can not use such type of Shoe legally

Ford has conducted a study to find out what Shoe is best suited for drivers.

According to the manufacturer, in UK alone the wrong choice of shoes annually causes 1.4 million accidents and dangerous incidents.

The most dangerous shoes for driving called flip-flops that can slip off your feet and get under the pedals. In some countries, drivers can not use such type of Shoe the law: for example, in France it could be fined 90 euros, and in Spain for 200 euros.

According to studies, a Shoe that sits freely on the foot, will increase the total deceleration time is on average 0.13 seconds. This is sufficient to 95 miles per hour the braking distance is extended by 3.5 meters.

In addition, flip-flops, the transfer of foot from gas to brake pedal takes twice longer, than other Shoe is about 0.04 seconds.

According to the survey, Ford, 5.7 and 13.2 percent of drivers drive driving barefoot and in flip-flops, respectively, and 32.9% of the respondents considered themselves skilled enough that they generally were not important type of Shoe. 48% choose shoes or sneakers.

In the UK the Royal automobile club recommends to drivers to choose high shoes with soles of a thickness not exceeding 10 mm, which is sufficiently narrow so as not to hurt the adjacent pedal.

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