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Named the most dangerous countries for tourism

Названы самые опасные страны для туризма Canadian Agency for tourism called the 10 most dangerous countries in the world.

Not sure the citizens of Canada without the need.

Tourists who buy tickets there, insure for a smaller amount.

In 10th place is Yemen. Explain the constant attacks and specifics of the local legislation. On the ninth and the eighth – Syria and Afghanistan. Explain this war, the presence of the “Islamic state”. In seventh place – Burundi. Her Niger and South Sudan. In fourth place is Somalia. Local pirates kidnap tourists and then demand a ransom. On the third Mali. There, as in Chad, it is advised to go only to the peacekeepers. In the first place – the Central African Republic.

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The Agency noted that the chances of a foreigner to return from there alive and unharmed almost there.

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