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Named the most dangerous consequences of excess sugar in the diet

Названы опасные последствия переизбытка сахара в рационеSweets are delicious, but not always helpful.

Because the range of risks that it causes, not wish the enemy. I swear! From excess weight, finishing with liver disease and diabetes. Believe me, the sooner you give up sugar, the longer will be young, beautiful and healthy.
1. Caries

Believe the word his dentist: all ailments related to the consumption of sugar, sugar — the most that neither is a tested and proven option. The health of your teeth is the most direct enemy — sweet. The total quantity consumed per day of sugar in food and drinks should not exceed 5 teaspoons. All clear — if simple sugars in the body too much, then form acids that destroy the enamel.
2. Untamed hunger - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

In the body there is a hormone — leptin — which tells him that he has been fed. People who abuse sweet, the concentration of this hormone is negligible to say a strong “no” to overeating. In rodents, the study was conducted, which showed that the group that consume the sugar corn syrup, could not get enough. Another study showed that patients suffering from uncontrolled gluttony and constantly feel hunger, have a rare genetic mutation — the absence or lack of in the body hormone leptin. After the introduction of the hormone injections they began to eat much less.
3. Weight gain

In addition to a sedentary lifestyle, the best way to gain pounds — put in the basis of the diet sweet. Products with high sugar content are high in calories, but the hunger they are almost never satisfied. A group of Japanese scientists have proved that there is a direct link between sugar and weight is typed. It’s hardly the main factor. Even people who exercise, not only will not lose but even gain weight if they eat too much candy.
4. Insulin resistance

This means that the insulin is not absorbed by cells and accumulates in the blood. Donuts for Breakfast, a snack at the vending machine — all this increases the level of insulin in blood which is responsible for the conversion of food into energy. But if the insulin remains stable at a high level, your body ceases to be susceptible and then processes the food into glucose, and then lays into fat.
5. Diabetes

To date, the number of diabetikov on the planet has increased dramatically. And this is clearly linked with our diet. Especially bad sweet drinks. So, the British found that excessive consumption of beverages contributes to the development of type II diabetes even in lean people. The fact that once in the body, sugar is converted into glucose and enters the bloodstream, which carries it through the body. This process involves the pancreas, and after its depletion occurs diabetes.
6. Obesity

Regular consumption of sweets may run a special gene that causes the body to accumulate excess reserves. This view is confirmed by experienced researchers at the American scientific laboratories, posleduischie this process in experimental mice. It has been discovered that foods high in fat and sugar stimulates some of the receptors involved in fat metabolism. If they are constantly in the excited state, the body fat is deposited is much more intense.
7. Liver failure

Large amounts of sugar causes an overload of the liver. Recycling causes stress the body and leads to inflammation. Because fructose and sucrose are considered “key” to the development of liver failure. In some cases can develop not just dysfunction and cirrhosis.
8. Pancreatic cancer

According to the latest data, sugar consumption triggers the risk of developing pancreatic cancer. Scientists from the University of Stockholm conducted a laboratory study, which used data on 78 thousand men and women aged 45 to 83 years. Data were collected 7 years. From 130 people were identified this disease, and abuse “sweetie” risk compared with those who almost never ate increased by 69% . The main factors are obesity and diabetes.
9. Kidney disease

Here’s another “side effect”. Fans of soda again at risk. In rats, it was determined that regular consumption of sugary drinks they have developed kidney disease!
10. High blood pressure

Many people know that hypertension cause salty foods, but likewise causes it, and sweet. Such products cause vasoconstriction, thereby creating a burden on them. Sweet suggest at low pressure, then it is useful, but increased sugar content, on the contrary, harm!
11. Cardiovascular disease

Most cardiovascular diseases begin with improper lifestyle and nutrition. You are also litter the arteries. And the number one garbage — zhirnenkoe and sweet. All your favorite snacks! When you eat a piece of cream cake, bun with poppy seeds, “bounty”, your body responds with anxiety, as if the enemy had arrived and declared war. Products with high concentration of sugar, rich in simple carbohydrates, clog blood vessels, which leads to blood clots.
12. Addiction to candy

It turns out that the croissants with chocolate filling stimulate our Central nervous system with the same effect as cocaine! The number of activated neurons is even more than in the case of hard drugs. This is a crazy craving for sweets to come off which is Oh so easy. So sweet with each “dose” you are getting weaker and not able to resist!
13. Cognitive impairment

Obesity and diabetes can cause dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Again a little about rats. In rodents conducted a series of experiments. And they showed that increased sugar in rodents led to the growth of dangerous deposits in the brain that are specific for diseases associated with memory and cognitive function!
14. The lack of vitamins

Products with a high content of sugars out of the diet consumption of a complete meal and lead to deficiency, especially in children. The consequences of this “diet” include brittle bones, fatigue and muscle weakness.

15. Podgra

Gouty arthritis often occurs in people suffering from disorders of the mechanism of withdrawal from the body of uric acid due to the insufficient function of the heart and kidney, obesity, and diabetes. As you know, these comrades are closely linked with the consumption of all sweet and especially… what were you thinking? GA-zi-ROV-ing! So, never to experience all that nightmare, try to revise your diet and… stay healthy!

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