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Named the most dangerous alcoholic drink for women

Назван самый опасный алкогольный напиток для женщинDrinking wine increases risk of breast cancer in women.

Scientists have know for some time that alcohol consumption has the risk of developing breast cancer, but new research confirmed that the cause of the disease may even a small amount of alcohol, such as daily consumption of wine.

According to the two institutes for cancer research (World Cancer Research Fund i American Institute for Cancer Research), they have determined what amount of alcohol may threaten the women before and after menopause.

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“Small glass of wine, pint of beer or 0.3 l of alcohol daily on 5% increases the risk of breast cancer in women who have not yet entered the menopausal and 9% in women after menopause,” said Anne McTiernan, Director of research.

“I was very surprised the results and the increased risk after only one glass of alcohol daily. A small amount of alcohol, but the risk is increasing. So women don’t recommend drinking more than a glass of wine every day,” – said the scientist.
For this conclusion, researchers analyzed the results of 119 studies on breast cancer from around the world, which generally included about 12000000 of women and more than 260 thousand cases of breast cancer.

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By the way, the reason for the relationship of alcohol and breast cancer is still not sufficiently studied.

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