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Named the most anticipated smartphones of the future

Названы самые ожидаемые смартфоны будущегоExperts have made the TOP 5 phones of the future.

The future is coming, experts say. They confirmed that fresh ranking of TOP 5 futuristic phones.

In fifth place Triple display flip phone Android, with three screens on which you can operate simultaneously. They are arranged in a triangle, allowing them to be used as a stand or to work alternately on each.

Fourth position for X iPhone – the most expensive gadget in Apple’s history with the cost of more than $ 1,000. It will use the best parts and displays innovative features, including an all-glass housing, no physical buttons, 3D sensor and more.

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“Bronze gave” Nokia morph. The entire phone is solid and flexible touch display that can adapt to any needs of the user. The surface is water-repellent and closemessage.

Second place was iPhone 9. The novelty will be sharpened by the VR, which will be equipped with OLED screen 4K. It will be equipped with 8-core CPU in the x64 architecture and 8 GB of RAM.

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The winner was the phone to Comet, presented in 2015. Now the gadget is not ready to go, because of the abundance of futuristic features that the developers want to implement. It is planned to make the phone waterproof and unsinkable, and on the sides to install a led backlight.

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