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Named the most anticipated series of this spring

Названы самые ожидаемые сериалы этой весны These ten shows can be the most interesting premieres of spring.

This spring is very generous with a variety of TV series debuts. Will definitely be something to watch for the lovers of almost all genres. The season will offer interesting comedies, dramas, mysteries and fiction. Will not hurt even fans of comics and music shows. In addition to the novelties very soon we also expect to continue the famous series the last two years.

Fatal attraction/Heathers
From 7 March, 1st season

The beginning of spring was marked by the release of a new youth series, which is based on the eponymous famous feature film, 1988, with Christian Slater and Winona Ryder. Black Comedy can be a good competition to other teen show “Riverdale”.

The series tells the story of a high school and a group of popular kids, the life of which is filled with the struggle for attention and bullying the weak. New “Fatal attraction” are not simply exploiting a familiar and bored movie theme, and it deliberately emphasizes and ridicules.

Takeoff/School of drama/Rise
On March 14, 1st season

And for those who missed “the Losers”, and just on the musical series, the cameras have produced youth musical drama “take-off”. Notable project is the fact that the main role was played by Josh Radnor – the dad from “How I met your mother”. The first episode is already out, there is another nine.

Radnor plays an introverted and insecure man Lou Mazuchelli, decided to lead a school theatrical circle. However, in the wards, he gets not the easiest children – many of them have a lot of personal problems, and in General they are not very interested in lessons and stage productions.

March 18, 1 season

Critics who managed to see a couple of episodes of this show have dubbed it the new “Dr. House”. However, in the world of criminology, not medicine. Such a comparison, and the trailer suggests that the “Instinct” has all chances to become the main TV series debut this season.

Detective Comedy tells the story of a former CIA agent, Dylan Reinhart, who after retirement turned into a author and a University teacher. However, his peaceful life did not last long. The request of the NYPD to help catch a serial killer again draws Reinhart in adrenaline world of forensics and investigations.

From March 21, the 1st season

On the background of the popularity of the comic book movie more tales of superhumans and picked up the TV. And if the story of Superman (one of the most famous superheroes, by the way) retold not only lazy, it is about his ancestors we know not so much.

In the center of the story is the youth SIG-El, which in the future will have the honour to be a grandpa Man of Steel. He comes from a line of powerful men from the planet krypton. Because of the betrayal and misunderstandings of his parents were driven from their home and subsequently killed. Now the brave guy to restore his family’s honor and, in addition, to save their world from chaos.

Fire station 19/19 Site/Station 19
March 22, 1st season

Good news for those who are a little thirteen and a half seasons of grey’s Anatomy. To pass the time between the release of new episodes of the fourteenth season will help the spin-off series, which is “Part 19” and is.

An offshoot of the popular medical show will talk about the firehouse and its workers, who make daily sacrifices for the salvation of men. The focus, naturally, will be their personal life, which certainly will be as intense and dramatic as his colleagues of “grey’s Anatomy”.

March 25, 1st season

The story of the kidnapping of the grandson of Jean Paul Getty, the richest man on Earth, shook the world twice. For the first time in 1973, when, in fact, the tragedy happened. And the second time recently, when Ridley Scott decided to film it. The emergence of “All the money in the world”, by the way, too has not done without scandals. However, the result was worth it. The Director’s vision of the events of that period and the American oil tycoon was very interesting.

Now his version of kidnapping 16-year-old John Paul Getty III is ready to tell no less celebrated Director Danny Boyle, he acted as the Director of three episodes out of ten. In turn, the role of the pathologically avaricious billionaire got Donald Sutherland and the mother of the kidnapped boy appeared Hilary swank.

Terror/The Terror
From 26 March, 1st season

Long ago the world of the TV show did not spoil us with interesting novelties in the genre of horror. And, fortunately, he finally decided to correct this omission. At the end of March is planned the premiere of mystic Thriller based on the eponymous novel by American writer Dan Simmons, and the real story of the Arctic expeditions.

According to the story, which the unfolding events in 1845, to the North coast of Canada sent two ships “Terror” and “Elbrus”, headed by an experienced polar Explorer John Franklin. The purpose of this expedition to find a passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific. After some time both ships disappear for unknown reasons. Fantastic version of what could have happened to them, and the authors suggest this show.

Lost in space/Lost in Space
13 APR, 1st season

Serial giant Netflix has decided to treat fans of science fiction and space adventure. The show is a remake of the popular works series of the late 60-ies and the film with Gary Oldman as viad, released in 1998.

By the mid-twenty-first century, Earth is almost on the verge of exhaustion – according to estimates, the resources will last for a very short time. Sad prediction forces the astronaut and the outstanding scientist John Robinson to take a major step. Together with his family he is sent to colonize another inhabitable planet, but somewhere in the way the ship is lost and crashed before reaching the destination.

From April 22, 2nd season

Perhaps the biggest series premiere this spring, if not the full year. The show will resume output after a nearly two-year pause – start in 2016, caused a furore among the public and has received very positive reviews from critics. This is in addition to the five Emmy awards and many other prizes, of course.

The plot of the show is an amusement Park filled with realistic androids. They are all created in order to gratify the whims of many visitors, even if it costs them their lives. The second season will get a new cast and an expanded geography.

The handmaid’s tale/The Handmaid’s Tale
From 25 April, 2nd season

Second but not least the sequel to this spring – and just three days after the first. The debut season of “the handmaid’s Tale” has gained such popularity (the account shows at least two Golden globes and six Emmy) that it would be foolish not to continue his story. And, fortunately, the creators of such errors are not made.

The second season of this dystopian drama about a childless world of the future will fill several existing gaps, but in General will be devoted to further developments. In addition, the narrative will take viewers beyond the plot of the novel by Margaret Atwood, on the basis of which, in fact, the series created.

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