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Named the most amazing smartphones in the world

Названы самые удивительные смартфоны в миреThe development of modern technology is at such an incredible level that it is difficult to surprise users with a new invention.

The experts decided to check out appeared on the market smartphones and find among them the most unusual.

So, Caterpillar S60 is equipped with a thermal camera capable of measuring the temperature of all the objects around. The other device is the HP Elite X3 easily connects to a monitor and keyboard that enables you to use a smartphone as a computer.

This is interesting: the Selfie smartphone Micromax 3 with the 16 MP front camera
The most striking invention is the smartphone Runcible – the body of the gadget is made of wood and has a round shape. What exactly was so designed telephone impossible to understand.

Company sweet drinks Pepsi released their own phone and equipped it with the latest features.

Also, to the delight of vapers, was released Vaporcade Jupiter IO4. Phone crossed with the electronic cigarette, which gives the ability to make calls and smoke at the same time.

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