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Named the most affordable method of rejuvenation

Назван самый доступный способ омоложенияExperts from Duke University, USA, presented data showing that stop aging it is really “diet” method.

In particular, in experiments scientists have discovered how to slow the biological aging of 6 months in a year.

American researchers have established that reducing caloric intake by 25% gives a real rejuvenation of the body. A similar conclusion was made when summarizing the results of the experiment with the participation of 220 people.

Invited to experiment on people not suffering from obesity and chronic diseases. The average age of volunteers was 38 years. Specialists were interested in the experiment will change the biological age of the participants, the index, which is determined by the condition of the body, mainly the heart, metabolism and immune system.

According to scientists, chronological and biological age may not coincide – the body can be more active and younger age in the passport, or conversely, to be more worn and older. In the study, 145 volunteers during the year were fed on the principle of reducing caloric intake by 25% and the rest do not. A medical examination of people in the final part of the project has shown that control of calories affect the biological age of people.

Doctors said that in the beginning of the study the difference in biological age between the participants was not. But after 12 months those people who have restricted calories in the body old in average by 0.11 years. Those who are not restricted by 0.71 years.

“We believe that the lack of energy associated with a reduction in calorie intake leads to slowing down the process of cell division that delays the moment when they lose their ability to divide and die,” explained the authors of this phenomenon.

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