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Named the most affordable crossover vehicles with automatic transmission

Названы самые доступные кроссоверы с "автоматом" Cheap crossover with “automatic” – that’s what attracts the average motorist.

The Russian market today is able to satisfy the fans who dream to obtain a budget crossover, equipped with a transmission”automatic”.

It turns out that for relatively little money, a million, a desire feasible.

Close to the financial threshold of the Ford EcoSport, but the most economical set – then his price tag will pull 990 thousand rubles. For this amount you will get a car with a 1.6-liter engine under the hood complete with “automatic” on the 6-speed. Chinese Geely Emgrand X7 only 986 thousand roubles will allow you to arm the coveted “automatic”, cheaper variants of the model deprived of the delights of civilization. But you will gain more and 2.4-litre 186 “horses” and certain features for the comfort in the cabin.

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Renault Kaptur, Creta Hyundai and Renault Duster a little away from the million limit, but are still in his neighborhood. First assign a place in the TOP 20 in the Russian market – 979 990 rubles. Korean will be cheaper – 939 900 rubles, and its popularity in the domestic circles higher, but you should know that the specified price level it holds in really poor configuration, devoid of the audio system. In fact, in poverty and it is equal to the Duster, which fit into the corridor 920 990 — 939 990 rubles.

The bottom five “crossover dreams” opens Chery Tiggo 2 Chery Tiggo 3. The automotive products of China is placed on the price scale in the area from 900 to 909 889 900 rubles. Instead, you get a modern powerplant, and other benefits of civilization – up to control systems from a smartphone. Chinese Lifan X60 and Brilliance V5 can be purchased for 819 900 — 859 900 781, and 900, respectively. It should be noted that past environmental performance does not meet the standards and not imported into Russia.

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But domestic Lada X-Ray will delight with its price tag, its cost from 710 900 rubles, but the comfort level will be lower than that of counterparts with more advanced technical part. Closes the list of the Renault Sandero Stepway, which can be purchased for 699 990 rubles. In fact, this is a Romanian Dacia. She received a 1.6-liter engine with 102 HP and “the machine” in 4 steps. But has no air conditioning and the other usual amenities.

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