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Named the most affluent cities in the world

Названы самые богатые города мираIn them lives a large number of the rich.

International research company Wealth-X has named the city of peace, where he lives most of the rich.

According to recent studies, the greatest number of wealthy people living in new York 8,350. On the second place by quantity of the rich located in Hong Kong with the figure of 7,650 people. Closes the three Tokyo, where 6,040 rich people.

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For the rating of the experts was based on data on the finances “of individuals with very high incomes” (UHNW). In particular, consideration was given to people with incomes of more than $ 30 million. It is worth noting that most billionaires live in new York and Hong Kong.

Top 10 cities in the world, home to the most wealthy

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1. New York- 8,350

2. Hong Kong – 7, 650

3. Tokyo is 6,040

4. Los Angeles – 4,600

5. London – 3,630

6. Paris – 3,440

7. Chicago – 3,110

8. Washington – 2,570

9. Osaka – 2,390

10. Dallas – 2,330

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