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Named the major culinary habits they need to get rid of

Названы основные кулинарные привычки, от которых нужно избавляться10 cooking errors

Despite the abundance of information about nutrition and cooking methods of food, many with enviable stubbornness continue to make the same culinary mistakes. The result spoiled the taste of food and lost the use of the products.

In today’s review we made a selection of harmful cooking habits, it’s time to get rid of.

Afraid fat sauces, salad

Many believe that oil and healthy eating are incompatible. In fact, quite the opposite: scientists recommend to eat vegetables in combination with fatty acids so they are much healthier and better digested. Lycopene in tomatoes, lutein in greens, beta-carotene in carrots, lettuce, green onions, and peppers – all of this fat-soluble substance. So feel free to pour favorite salad of olive, mustard or any other vegetable oil.

Do not remove hot food in the fridge

The myth that hot food can not be put into the refrigerator, is one of the most popular in the world: that it harms household appliances. However, scientists have found that leaving food in the heat is much more dangerous, because at room temperature it begins to breed bacteria. Why not wait for the cooling of food and safely store it in the cold. For the fridge not to worry: nothing will happen if you put under the pot or pan stand or put food into the container.

Drink juices without pulp

Juice and smoothies are healthier than in the strained juices. Throwing away the pulp, you are depriving yourself of valuable fiber, which slows the growth of sugar in the blood and allows for longer not to experience hunger.

Coarsely cut the garlic

Cut the garlic into large slices – so to lose half its flavour and aroma. The best way is to skip the garlic through a press, grind in a mortar or turn to mush with a knife. And to get the maximum benefit, crushed garlic you need to give a little “breathe” before sending in the dish. The fact that when in contact with air it produces very many useful links.

Prepare children fresh food

Parents believe that baby food should be bland. Is it any wonder that a child whose taste buds are accustomed to the bland taste and aroma of food, it starts to act up when his diet introduce something new.

In a small amount of spices and herbs very useful. Exception for baby food are hot peppers, horseradish, curry. But the sweet peppers, dill, parsley, Basil, rosemary, sesame, cinnamon and garlic can be added to food already in 1.5–2 years. Studies have shown that children who eat food, moderately spiced, far better accept a new food.

Fry meat and fish in a nonstick pan

Despite all the advantages of nonstick pans, no self-respecting chef would not cook the meat. The fact that this pan is not very hot, to avoid damage to the coating, and for frying meat and fish need just the same high temperature. So to make them much more suitable grill pan or cast-iron, nonstick and leave for omelettes, cutlets, fritters and pancakes.

Wrong cut of meat

There is an iron rule: any meat, especially beef and mutton, need to cut across the grain. If you do not follow this rule, instead of juicy tender steak you will get a rubber sole.

Salt dishes early in the cooking

It would seem that the Council is salting meals at the end has long become everybody’s teeth on edge, but as many with enviable persistence add salt early in the cooking, we once again, why this should not be done.

First, the salt slows down the cooking process. Second, salt the food just before serving is a great way to reduce consumption: in this case, the salt crystals remain on the surface of the food fall directly on the taste buds. But dissolved in water salt is actively absorbed by the products, so it takes much more that we could feel the salty taste.

Do not cut greens

Many are convinced that the lettuce and greens need to tear your hands instead of cutting. In fact, both methods on their own are useful. If you tear lettuce, you hurt less plant cells and slow down the oxidation process of green, but when cutting plants emit more polyphenols – powerful antioxidants.

Eat vegetables and fruit without skin and seeds

In the peel of vegetables and fruits high concentration of nutrients – and sometimes even more than in the pulp. In addition, the crude gifts of nature give a feeling of fullness for a longer time. These include grapes, kiwi, apples and pears, cucumbers, eggplant, tomatoes, potatoes (not raw, but cooked in their skins), carrots, citrus, and many others. Seeds and pits – another valuable source of vitamins and minerals: helpful watermelon seeds, pumpkins, melons, grapes, dates, olives, pomegranate and citrus.

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