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Named the main reasons why we gain weight

Названы основные причины, почему мы набираем весYou watch your diet, do not eat after six, but still gain weight?

Find out 4 reasons of their failure.

The first reason is passive Smoking

The journal The American Journal of Physiology recently published an article about the impact of passive Smoking on humans. Of course, we already knew that it’s no good. But now there is also scientific evidence: tobacco smoke contains substances that disrupt the normal functioning of cells and do not allow the body to deal with fat accumulation. It turns out that if you have the desire to lose weight, you need as little as possible to be around smokers.

The second reason is work in the evening or night shift

Often people who do not work in day shift (relatively speaking, when everything is boiling), spend less energy. Well, then, the biological clock is not fooled — at night we should sleep. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The third reason is that antibiotics

It is found by researchers from new York University. They studied the effect of antibiotics on the human body, or rather of the long-term consequences of their admission. Imagine, some scientists do believe that the rise in levels of obesity, especially in children, can occur and because of the antibiotics. They destroy all bacteria, even those that help us convert food into energy.

The fourth reason is within us

The fact that a healthy digestive system is full of microorganisms and bacteria that not only digest food but also help us to fight off disease, produce vitamins, regulate the metabolism and even affect the mood. If you for some reason, the level of these vitamins reduced (due to stress, antibiotics and poor eating habits), it will change your weight far not for the better, even if you don’t get out of the gym. Sometimes, by the way, it is quite useful sometimes to get out. Most of the time.

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