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Named the main reason for the increase of lymph nodes

Названы основные причины увеличения лимфоузловDoctors explained that can increase lymph nodes.

Swollen lymph nodes in itself is a sign of inflammation in the human body. To ignore this phenomenon is impossible, and to urgently visit a doctor who will conduct a survey and identify the likely cause of the lymph nodes increased in size and create discomfort for the person.

What places on the body can increase lymph nodes:

– in the armpits;

– in the area of the solar plexus, where are the mediastinal lymph nodes;

– on the neck;

– on the elbows or above the knees;

– in the abdomen;

– in the groin area.

Doctors have listed all the possible causes of the increase in lymph nodes:

Viral, bacterial or fungal infection. Usually accompanied by the concomitant symptoms.

Cancer of the lymphatic system. Swollen lymph nodes may indicate blood cancer.

Metastasis. So occurs as a result of cancer lesions of other organs and systems outside of where the tumor.

Autoimmune lesions of the liver, kidneys, eyes and other vital organs.

Infestation. Most often enlarged lymph nodes due to infection with worms.

As we can see, the reasons for the increase of lymph nodes is serious enough not to turn to doctors in this case – is dangerous to health and life in General.

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