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Named the main problems of the car occurs in the winter

Названы главные проблемы автомобилей, возникающие зимой These difficulties drivers face more often.

Winter cold can be an ordeal not only for people but for cars. Cars whose owners have ignored the preparation for the winter, most likely, will receive a package of problems and breakdowns.

Of course, most often leads the electronics. Experts advise motorists not to close the door after they clean your car from snow, as in this case there is a risk of slamming doors.

When lowering the temperature below 20 degrees, most motorists face the problem of starting the motor. In most cases, the reason is hidden in the battery, but also need to pay attention to the alternator and starter.

Also a lot of trouble in the winter deliver motorists a frozen glass, which you have to clear to get the view of the road. Experts do not recommend to pour glass water and especially boiled water, as the glass from temperature changes may crack.

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