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Named the main global threats to 2017

Названы главные мировые угрозы 2017 годаAt the forum in Davos voiced threats to humanity in the coming year.

Geopolitical and environmental issues will become major threats in 2017. This conclusion was made by experts from the world economic forum (WEF) in Davos, the annual global risk report Global Risks Report 2017.

All the experts identified 30 global risks and 13 trends that can enhance or change the ratio between them. Risks are divided into five categories: economic, environmental, geopolitical, societal and technological.

Compared to the previous year, the list of risks is almost not changed. The only exception is the new risk “the ineffectiveness of regional and global governance”, defined as the inability of regional and global structures to solve economic, geopolitical and environmental problems.

The top ten most likely risks 2017 three of the areas of environmental protection and three of geopolitics, the environmental risks are higher – the two of them entered the top 3 global risks. It is extreme weather events and large-scale natural disasters. Also in the top ten risks of man-made environmental disasters.

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The second largest category of risks – geopolitics. Among them the most dangerous – major terrorist attacks, followed by interstate conflicts and ineffective governance. The growth of geopolitical risks is facilitated by a number of factors, experts believe the WEF. Among them a unilateral approach to international Affairs instead of the necessary collective efforts of the international community. In addition, countries openly accuse each other of meddling in its internal Affairs.

In third place – the technological risks: fraud with personal or proprietary data, or theft, has reached an “unprecedented scale”. Among the most likely technological risks of the next decade, experts have called large-scale cyber-attacks (the sixth place in the top ten).

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Also in the top ten risks social and economic large – scale forced migration and trafficking (including money laundering, smuggling, etc.), respectively.

Among the 13 trends experts VEV included an aging population, the changing role of international institutions (UN, IMF, NATO), climate change, degradation of the environment, the growth of the middle class in emerging economies increasing national sentiment-oriented, deepening the polarization of society, the increase in the number of people suffering from chronic diseases, the growing reliance on digital technologies, the growing geographical mobility of the population, the increase in the income gap between rich and poor, the displacement of the centers of power, and increasing urbanization.

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