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Named the main enemy of any diet

Назван главный «враг» любой диетыBritish scientists have found that pushing people to break during a diet.

As scientists believe, not only in feeling of hunger that one experiences.

Scientists have discovered that the main enemy of any diet is alcohol. In 50% of cases it is a glass of red wine or other alcohol, lead to a breakdown and overeating.

The study was conducted by specialists of the University of Birmingham. It was attended by 80 volunteers, including people who want to lose weight or those who want to keep themselves in shape.

Each volunteer must enter daily in a special diary information about the various events and factors that may affect their diet and will power.

On average, the desire to break the diet occurred in people 11 times a week. In half of the cases, the volunteers still broke the diet. This happened just after drinking alcohol.

The researchers explained that alcohol relaxes the body and dulls the human sense of responsibility. Why people can afford to eat a few extra slices of pizza or cake.

Besides, most failures happen in the evening, so researchers are advised not to visit establishments or places where you will feel the strong temptation. However, this is only for the first time, because then the body will get used the feeling of hunger will not be as strong.

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