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Named the main danger pain medicine

Названа главная опасность обезболивающих лекарствFrequent use of pain relievers may lead to obesity, and insomnia.

This conclusion was made by scientists from Newcastle University (UK).

Experts analyzed data collected during a longitudinal study UK Biobank. Scientists assessed the condition of the cardiovascular system and metabolism 133 thousand people. Also, experts have compared such factors as body mass index, waist circumference and blood pressure of patients who took painkillers and those who were prescribed only medicine for the heart.

As it turned out that patients who took opioids along with medications for the normalization of metabolism and cardiac activity – the risk of obesity increased by 95 percent, and the probability of hypertension by 63 percent.

Scientists explain that, according to these results, analgesic drugs used to control chronic pain should be administered on a small periods of time.

Experts indicate that in recent years, doctors are increasingly concerned that opioids are addictive and a great number of side effects, in particular, disturbed nocturnal breathing and sleep.

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