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Named the main condition of longevity

Названо главное условие долголетия All has appeared easier.

Scientists from Harvard University claim that intermittent fasting may improve performance, extend life and improve General health.

According to experts, a temporary restriction of the diet allows you to keep the body “young” at the cellular level. Intermittent fasting keeps the mitochondria is an important part of cell homeostasis, which in turn helps to increase life expectancy. In this regard, doctors say an extremely high favor popular diets 5:2, under which people follow a normal eating habits for five days a week, and then sharply limit the use of food for the remaining 2 days.

It is noted that temporary fasting helps to protect the mitochondria from aging, increasing life expectancy. Mitochondria break down carbohydrates and fatty acids, providing energy to the cells. For this reason they are often called the cellular “battery”. Mitochondria exist in two States, and when they alternate between these two States, they are in homeostasis. The researchers found that mitochondria remain longer in homeostasis and aging slower when the body is periodically fast.

Tests on the nematode showed that in the absence of old mitochondria, the body stays young. Thus, starvation can be a key to longevity.

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