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Named the main cause of death of millions of people

Названа главная причина смерти миллионов человекIn 2015, one in six premature death was the result of toxic effects.

Environmental pollution, including air and water, takes more lives than war, violence, disease, famine or natural disaster. To such conclusion experts from the United States, published a report in medical journal the Lancet. About it reported in a press release on the website

According to the study, in 2015 one in six premature death (about nine million people) occurred as a result of toxic exposure. This is only a rough estimate and the real figure, according to experts, should be much larger, since not all countries have a developed system of monitoring and not all toxic chemicals are monitored in the environment.

The most dangerous regions are Africa and Asia, and India tops the list of countries in which most people (about 2,5 million people) die from pollution of water and air. In second place is China, where the unfavorable environmental situation killed 1.8 million people. Leaders are also Bangladesh, Pakistan, North Korea, South Sudan and Haiti.

According to experts, the number of deaths from pollution in one and a half times higher than the number of deaths from Smoking; three times higher than AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria; 15 times higher than from wars and violence.

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