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Named the leader Mervedes-Benz A-Class power

Назван лидер Mervedes-Benz A-Class по мощностиThe car will be submitted in March 2019.

New Mervedes-Benz A-Class without a doubt happened. First of all, it looks like a Mercedes with no discounts for size. And it is the most affordable car brand. But in addition to the basic car design Stuttgart has two more models: this is the sports version of the Mercedes-AMG A35 and A45 all-wheel drive version.

Now the question arose: how much powerful will be the flagship of the A-class? And will he surpass the power of the CLA45 and GLA45. And we are talking about 375 forces. While not large sizes at present. And it turned out that everything can be calculated.

First, all depends on the version of the A45. While Mercedes is in no hurry to publish the official specifications. But there are German insurers, which are already today prepared future buyers psychologically. And according to them the Mercedes A45 AMG will get the engine power 382 power, and A45’s – and at 416. And, to give her an inflatable will be a two-liter engine. Means – liter capacity of this unit is for A45S is 208 horsepower per liter.

The official presentation of the car is expected at the Geneva motor show in March. And there Mercedes will show a hatchback. But the head of AMG Tobias Moers stated that he was going to sell at least one sports sedan A45.

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