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Named the healing properties of BlackBerry

Названы целебные свойства ежевикиBeautiful black berry, somewhat similar to the more familiar to us raspberries, surprisingly useful, and almost safe.

In total company summer berries blackberries occupies a place of honor. The nice thing is that it begins the process of ripening blackberries in late June – early August, but it continues this process until almost the end of September, depending on weather, of course. And it’s nice because by this time all the rest of the summer berries are coming to an end.

The majority of shrub BlackBerry is a wild plant that thrives in our latitudes. BlackBerry bushes are protected by spines, the flowers are white, with a pleasant delicate flavor and slightly larger than those of raspberries. The berries change colour during the ripening process: first small and green, they become brown, then red-brown and finally, black and glossy, often with a delicate glaucous bloom.

What part of BlackBerry

Vitamin bomb the berry will not name, however it contains almost all the necessary vitamins and minerals, which are the first months of summer can be obtained from other berries. Ascorbic acid in blackberries is a bit that allows you to eat these berries, even at high acidity of gastric juice, as well as children. Quite a lot, and in the right proportions, blackberries contain beta-carotene, tocopherol (vitamin E, recognized antioxidant) b vitamins, including the necessary women and children, folic acid (B9). As we know, folic acid is considered a vitamin of fertility and is necessary in the early stages of pregnancy. Children vitamin B9 is needed, especially because folic acid is actively involved in the formation and growth of all rapidly growing tissues of the body at the cellular level.

The pulp of BlackBerry, a lot of potassium, and it is important to support the work of heart muscle and normal peristalsis of the intestine – in other words, helps to avoid constipation. There is also calcium, the demand for which in children is quite high, magnesium, iron and selenium.

How useful is BlackBerry

Soft and tender fiber berries helps the child (but an adult too) of the gastrointestinal tract. It is so tender that it almost never causes bloating or increased gas formation.

A group of phenolic compounds, which are rich in BlackBerry, help to maintain the flexibility and elasticity of capillaries and strengthening their walls. BlackBerry juice stimulates blood flow, improves the saturation of the brain with oxygen, increasing mental activity and enhancing memory.

Scientifically proven beneficial effects of BlackBerry juice on the genitourinary system, is especially recommended as adjuvant in the treatment of cystitis and prevention, of course.

Whole berries BlackBerry has pronounced anti-inflammatory properties, so it is useful for stomatitis, thrush on oral mucosa and to prevent summer colds. Have seeds of BlackBerry and mild antipyretic properties.

To BlackBerry discovered special enzymes, such as alpha-amylase and alpha-glucosidase, which were synthesized artificially and used to reduce blood glucose in diabetics. So the alpha-glucosidase inhibits the activity of enzymes responsible for the digestion of carbohydrates.

A mild sedative (calming) action of BlackBerry combined with the effects on the reproductive system make it a “female” berry that is there especially during menstruation and during menopause.

BlackBerry berry low-calorie, in addition, it rarely causes an allergic reaction, so a small amount of blackberries allowed to try out aunts before years old. If the baby is already familiar with other berries and fruits, as well as respecting the principle of reasonable moderation.

Who can’t eat blackberries

Despite its bright color, BlackBerry has almost no contraindications, or, as doctors say, it is not necessary are hypersensitive to.

Children under the age of three BlackBerry need to give with care and in small quantities – first, it can cause allergies, and secondly, children’s digestive tract may not cope with a large number of solid bones.

Enjoy the last weeks of summer, eat blackberries and be healthy!

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