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Named the five main dangers of house dust

Названы пять главных опасностей домашней пылиDust carries with it a serious risk to human health, so it is impossible to prevent its accumulation in the house.

The dust accumulates so fast that the hostess did not have time to blink. It would seem that only yesterday in the home was carried out wet cleaning, and today on the furniture and the floor, a barely noticeable layer of dust. So what’s the deal and where does this unfortunate dust?

The origin of the dust

Few know that the dust consists of microscopic particles of dead skin the top layer of skin household, lint from upholstered furniture, bedding, toys and carpets, the particles of sand and soil, brought from the street, flown through the window, particles of volcanic and meteoric dust. That’s why wet cleaning in the house should be carried out several times a week or even every day.

Five main dangers home dust:

1. Allergy to dust. House dust is the most powerful allergen that causes strong reactions of the human body, especially if he is allergic or his immune system is too weak.

2. Fungal diseases. The spores of fungi are firmly retained in the floors, get rid of them only regular mopping with chlorine or other cleaning agent that destroys bacteria and fungi.

3. Worms. Helminth eggs we bring home for yourself on the sole of my Shoe. If you immediately return home from the street not to wash the soles, in house dust settled helminth eggs and household members can become infected.

4. Troubled skin. Particles house dust deposited on the surface of the skin and pollute the pores even more. Thus pimples, acne and other inflammatory processes on the skin.

5. Intestinal infectious diseases. People may not even be aware where he or his child appeared Escherichia coli, but here everything is very simple – several pathogens of intestinal infections are contained in household dust. Kill them only wet cleaning with the addition to water of chlorine.

Try to avoid the appearance of significant layers of dust on your furniture and parts of the interior, because it can significantly degrade the health of everyone who lives in your home.

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