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Named the five best foods for a hangover

Названы пять лучших продуктов от похмельяExperts suggested how to quickly get rid of the symptoms of a hangover with food.

A hangover can occur not only in the case where a person got drunk the day before to unconsciousness, and after a couple of glasses of wine or beer. It all depends on the body and how it was overloaded before it hit the alcohol. Therefore, to be familiar with how to troubleshoot a hangover is necessary for all except those who did not drink alcohol.

Named the five best foods for a hangover:

1. Chicken eggs. Moreover, eggs are a great source of protein, giving the person strength, and a powerful remedy against hangover. It turns out that eggs contain amino acids that stimulate the liver, so this product is supposed to quickly get rid of hangover symptoms and help the liver to recover.

2. Pickles. The main thing – not to drink in the morning with a hangover pickled cucumbers, 100 g of alcohol. Otherwise it can go in the bout. Set aside alcoholic drinks and grab a few crispy pickles, which are composed of a lot of minerals and components that are literally putting people on their feet after alcohol abuse.

3. Chicken broth or soup. In this dish contains the amino acid “cysteine” which facilitates the task of the liver in clearing the body from alcohol toxins. Besides, the hot soup normalizes water balance in the body and gives strength to the person, saturating it with energy.

4. Apples. The most popular and available fruit is a great detox tool. Apples make the intestines and cleanse it from harmful savings, including decomposition products of ethanol.

5. Oatmeal. We all know that oatmeal contains a lot of fiber, which coats the stomach wall and intestines, sucking the toxins. That’s why oatmeal can help with a hangover. It will cleanse the body of poisons, which got there with alcohol, and restore the mucous membranes of the digestive system. Plus, this cereal contains good for your blood of iron, heart – potassium for the nervous system – magnesium.

The best part is that all of these products have each of us at home and in order for them to cook and eat, not take too much time.

Use one of the proposed products, when you have a hangover, maybe he will be the right drug for you against the hated consequences of the violent parties.

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