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Named the exact age of the moon

Назван точный возраст ЛуныAccording to American experts, the Earth of 4.51 billion years

American researchers have established the exact age of the moon.

According to the experts, Earth is older than was considered earlier – he of 4.51 billion years.

The study analyzed samples of zircon that were taken on the moon’s surface and delivered the participants of the expedition “Apollo-14” in 1971.

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Allegedly one of the researchers, Kevin Macchina, zircon is the most significant in terms of time.

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In the study, researchers came to the conclusion that the Earth’s satellite was formed 60 million years after the Solar system was born. Earlier it was common to think that the moon on 40-140 million years less.

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According to study participants, their results are by far the most accurate. To increase accuracy managed the clean samples.

Scientists also noted that the previously used samples in which traces of the meteoritic bombardment of the moon that didn’t allow for more details to date it.

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