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Named the distance that a car can run without fuel

Названо расстояние, которое автомобиль может проехать без топливаExperts told, what is the distance a car can run due to “emergency” reserve.

Drivers are advised not to forget that a signal of the imminent end of the fuel is supplied in advance.

The sensor is always at a certain level, not at the bottom of the tank. Thus, the motorist is able to reach the nearest gas station.

Emergency reserve depends on the speed and load on the electrical system, including air conditioning, the radio, the headlamps. Most of the cars it varies from 40 to 50 kilometers. Larger SUVs, crossovers, minivans can travel up to 100 kilometers.

Experts say that the onboard computer in modern cars monitors the fuel level and through this is able to calculate the real reserve.

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