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Named the date of the premiere of “Gerald’s Game” on Netflix

Just a couple of weeks ago, we cast a glance at the movie Mike Flanagan “Game of Gerald” (Gerald’s Game) and meticulously considered the first frame of a couple of the main characters. Well, today we learned when you can see all the other frames. I mean the entire movie.


After her husband is accidentally killed in the midst of an intimate game, a young woman is left alone, chained to the bed. But its loneliness was short-lived. All the fears that she had ever experienced in my life, going back to overnight in a secluded house, instantly turned into a sinister torture chamber…

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This story was invented by Stephen king, the King not only on the field of horror, but on the field of psychological prose. “Gerald’s game” rarely refer to the list of favorite books, but the attention it definitely deserves. Another thing is that the material for the film adaptation is very difficult, because doubly interesting that got Flanagan, whom we know from such films as “the Oculus”, “Somnia” and “cheaper by the dozen. The curse of the Board of the devil”.

Starring, by the way, Bruce Greenwood (“Depth”, “River”) and Charles Gugino (“Pine”, “Keepers”). Well, without a Muse Flanagan not done – his wife Kate Siegel (“Silence”) is also involved. Will be something to see.

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The picture was shot for the service Netflix, and the film adaptation of another work of king’s “1922”. Both projects gained the release date almost at the same time, and share them will be a little less than a month. Will not even have time to miss “Kingussie”.

So, get your diaries. Premiere of “Gerald’s Game” on Netflix will take place on Friday, 29 September 2017.

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