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Named the daily rate of calories for those who want to lose weight

Названа суточная норма калорий для тех, кто хочет похудетьRight way to lose weight.

The well-known “Golden” Maxim weight loss — eat less than you expend, creating a so called calorie deficit. Despite the fact that it usually works with all diet and for any diet to lose weight so easily is not always obtained.

Experts tell how to learn to count calories and to do it properly, how to create a comfortable deficit without damaging their health, and what additional elements need to comply with to lose excess weight and acquire slender shape.

Calorie deficit

A calorie deficit is created when you start to spend more calories than you eat. So you are forcing your body to work at full capacity and burn fat.

The most important thing is to provide yourself with a comfortable environment for weight loss and see to it that the body did not reduce their energy consumption.

The first step on the path to a healthy and effective weight loss is to calculate your daily caloric need that number to correctly calculate the required deficit.

Forget about the average indicators: the daily rate of calories is very individual and depends on your age, health indicators, sports activity, height, weight, and ultimate goal.

Use a special calculator that will calculate to you not only the recommended daily portion of calories, but tell you the figure for a comfortable weight loss.

Daily rate: how to create the deficit?

If you reduce your daily calorie consumption by 40-50%, the level of glucose in the blood drops, and experiencing the body will start struggling to save energy to fight the overwhelming feelings of the city.

In addition, so much in regards to nutrition, you risk to get problems worse than excess weight: a metabolic disorder, decrease in immunity, deterioration of hair, skin and nails and General deficiency.

But if you cut your daily calorie 15-30%, you’ll be able to make such a menu to all the necessary body nutrients were present.

The only way you will lose weight by burning fat, to fix the result for a long time and learn to eat properly.

Counting calories

So, we understand that you need to consider for weight loss and what are the first steps you need to do towards the ideal figure. What’s next? Learn to count calories!

Your assistants in this difficult but fascinating endeavor will be the table energy value of food, smartphone apps, kitchen scales and of course a calculator.

Buying food, read the labels. If you are preparing the dish, weigh separately each ingredient, and check the table it calorie, counting calories using the calculator.

Be sure to pay attention to the ratio of PFC (protein, fat and carbohydrates) in a separate dishes for effective weight loss you’ll need to consider your daily allowance for each of these components.

Not a single calorie

If you have decided that the secret to successful weight loss is only in the right calorie count and the creation of the deficit, I hasten to disappoint you: everything is much more complicated.

First, not all calories are the same: you will in any case should not forget about such indicators as the quality of food consumed. Because, you see, it’s one thing to gain your daily intake of calories by eating a couple of cakes for the entire day, and quite another — not to miss a single meal, choosing only healthy and wholesome food.

Avoid TRANS fats, fast food and artificial additives, as well as fast carbs during the day and slow at night. Are the main enemies of a slim figure.

Secondly, it is important not to fall into the other extreme and not drink one vitamin or a protein smoothie after the other: proper nutrition requires to comply with reasonable restrictions in portions. If you do not remember that, sooner or later will notice that your weight has increased despite the fact that you if healthy food.

What they say nutritionists

Everyone who at least once in your life try to count calories and so lose weight, there is a fair and legitimate question: does it matter at all to count these calories?

Most experts agree that the most important condition for losing weight and maintaining the ideal shape is a balanced diet consisting of natural and high-quality food, and of course physical activity.

In pursuit of dry figures, we often forget the most important — about the care of our body. We don’t get enough sleep, drink enough water, allow yourself to have poor-quality food, hard to refuse from harmful habits. This is only part of the reasons for our “diet” fail.

It is important to be reasonable in everything you do: this means that a healthy diet excludes fanaticism and implies the respect and love of self, desire to become better and willingness to give up everything that harms the body.

Calorie counting is not a panacea from excess weight, but it is important to pay attention to the amount eaten of calories are high-quality, natural food and not to forget about exercise.

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