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Named the city with the highest salary in the world

Назван город с самой высокой зарплатой в мире

San Francisco for the first time topped the ranking of cities with the highest salaries.

San Francisco (USA) for the first time topped the rating of cities with the highest wages in the world, compiled annually by the Deutsche Bank, reports the online edition of the with reference to The average salary here is $6520 per month.

As noted by the authors of the rating, the rapid development of the technology sector, the United States helped San Francisco win the traditional city, which led the ranking before.

Zurich, Switzerland, who had held first place in the rating, moved to second. The average monthly earnings in the city’s nearly $400 less than in San Francisco. However, Zurich has not lost its positions and the results of the survey was the first for quality of life, and the value of goods and services.

In the top 5 included primarily U.S. cities: new York located on the third place with average s/n $4600 per month, the fourth — Boston ($4280), the fifth Chicago ($4006). Their high position in the ranking associated with the growth of the dollar in the past five years, the Agency said.

Some of the highest salaries also receive the people of Sydney, Oslo, Copenhagen, Melbourne and London.

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