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Named the cheapest city to travel in 2018

Названы самые бюджетные города для путешествий в 2018 годуFirst place in Kiev.

Kyiv topped the rating of the world cities with the most economical budget traveler in 2018. Previously the cheapest in terms of tourism was considered the lions. The rating of cities for the most economical travel has made the British tour company.

In General, for rental housing, all meals, drinks and excursions in Kiev, the traveler will have to pay an average of 65 pounds (about 2500 USD) per day.

In the list were listed and other cities and the amount that tourists spend in average per day.

The TOP 10 most budget was the cities:

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Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam – about 90 pounds;
Sofia, Bulgaria – 88 pounds;
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – 88 pounds;
Jakarta, Indonesia – 85 pounds;
Bucharest, Romania – 84 pounds;
Cairo, Egypt – £ 79;
Siem reap, Cambodia – £ 79;
Manila, Philippines – 70 pounds;
Antalya, Turkey – 70 pounds;
Kiev, Ukraine – 65 pounds.

A crucial role in the structuring of the rating played, the cost of housing, lunch in the restaurant and in the budget diner. So, eat in Kiev was cheaper from the stated one hundred cities. At that time, as the cost of housing, the city took the 5th place among the economy options. Rent an apartment in Kiev, according to the Agency, is about 42 pounds per day (about 1600 USD).

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The cost of housing is cheaper of Kiev turned out to Denpasar (Indonesia), Antalya (Turkey), Phuket (Thailand) and Jakarta (Indonesia).

However, the most expensive city for travel 2018 recognized new York (USA).

To rest here every day, tourists spend about 346 pounds, which is more than 13 thousand hryvnias.

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