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Named the big coin of Europe

Названа самая большая монета ЕвропыOne of the biggest ancient coins of Europe is stored in Piryatinsky historical Museum.

“This copper coin nominal five cents and weighing 50 grams. It was minted by hand in the time of Empress Elizaveta Petrovna, and later during the reign of Catherine the Second”, – said the head of Pyriatyn Museum Alexander Rudkovsky.

According to Alexander Rudkovsky, similar to coins of the Imperial government was calculated with the population – for example, with the Cossacks. But such calculations were very uncomfortable, because if the coin 5 cents weighed 50 grams, coin 10 cents – 100 grams, the karbovanets weighed three pounds.

For ease of calculations Catherine II introduced paper money. And the old coins remained in museums – as, for example, in Pyriatyn.

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