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Named the best women’s vintage cars

Названы лучшие женские ретро-автомобилиBeautiful girl needs a beautiful car.

It would seem that the technical festival of entertainment especially for men. But this is only at first glance.

A beautiful car is a beautiful girl no less than diamond earrings, a good manicure or an expensive purse. And if the machine besides the retro look can be considered almost flawless. But even among vintage machines, there are models that fit under the category of “women” better than others.

Dodge La Femme
Названы лучшие женские ретро-автомобили
The first women’s car who knows history. It was released in 1955. Dodge La Femme was produced exclusively in soft pink color and is sold complete with a pink umbrella, a pink purse, and a holder for lipstick.

The seat backs in La Femme was equipped with the”wallets” which contained a compact, lipstick, cigarette case, comb, cigarette lighter and wallet. All the accessories were made of faux “tortoiseshell plastic”, interspersed with gold-tone metal and signature pink color. Behind the driver’s seat provided a place to store coat, hat, umbrella. The purpose of the car was to emphasize the success and independence of the modern woman.

Bugatti Atlantic
Названы лучшие женские ретро-автомобили
Another work of art designed by the Italian car masters. The machine is so elegant, that even though its expensive, at one time quite long remained one of the most popular in the world. Today there are only two such cars, each costing more than forty million dollars.

Horch Cabriolet
Названы лучшие женские ретро-автомобили
There is no car more beautiful and desirable than the convertible. Especially if he fifty years. This is a unique car that there is only 15 copies, each of which, as befits this exclusive, assembled by hand. Someone dreams about unique jewelry, one of a convertible. And those and others can understand.

Названы лучшие женские ретро-автомобили
So only me and Elvis Presley. Well, what girl would not dream to say such a phrase, presenting your car a new fan? In the Golden Cadillaс Fleetwood’75 Elvis had everything, including a telephone, a refrigerator, a TV and a record player. The color of the car was also unique – mother-of-pearl, and the paint consisted of real diamond dust. However, regardless of age, a Cadillac is always a symbol of luxury and wealth. And what woman does not love a beautiful life?

Ford Thunderbird
Названы лучшие женские ретро-автомобили
Car brand Ford for many years famous for its quality and reliability. Even one of the most famous phrases of the founder of the Corporation reads as follows: “Quality is doing something right, even when nobody is looking”. Can you imagine what the author at the time, deliberately produced a bad car? He did it not because Henry Ford wanted to save money or he lacked training.

Названы лучшие женские ретро-автомобили
In fact, visionary avtomagnat realized: if you let only good and quality cars, new cars simply aren’t going to do. So was born the Ford Thunderbird – bad quality combined with a perfect appearance. The second was enough to get the list of the best female cars.

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