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Named the best ways to prevent kidney diseases

Названы лучшие способы профилактики болезней почекThe kidneys are not yet sick, we don’t pay attention to them, but they must be cared for!

This body works with such zeal, what other parts of the body and “never dreamed of”! The main purpose of kidneys is cleaning all the liquid from our body incompatible with life products of metabolism. This urea, sodium chloride and other salts, toxins.

All of this is removed from our body through the kidneys, therefore, their purity and health – the key to our youth and longevity. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Prevention of kidney diseases is aimed at promoting the dissolution and removal of salts of uric acid.

It is recommended to drink juice, eat salads, fruits, sprouted wheat. Salads lightly podsalivaya dry seaweed to stimulate kidney function, reduce the consumption of salt.

Use diuretic decoctions.

Included in the daily diet of oatmeal will help you to cleanse the kidneys. To make it natural oats in the husk must be washed thoroughly, pour in a thermos and, the Gulf of boiling water, leave to steep for 12 hours. The oats are then steamed in a hot RUB through a sieve. The obtained adhesive mass should be taken in the morning for Breakfast without salt and sugar. During the day eat only vegetables, fruits, nuts, drink natural freshly made juices and herbal infusions. For dessert, you can eat 1 teaspoon of honey.

To cleanse the kidneys it is useful to use flax seeds. Take 1 teaspoon of seeds pour a glass of water and boil. The resulting mixture will be quite thick, so before taking it should be diluted with boiled water. Take 1/2 Cup every 2 hours for two days. If the mixture will seem unpleasant to the taste, you can add a little lemon juice.

Helps cleanse the kidneys and this recipe. Mix 1 glass of honey, radish juice and vodka. Insist 3 days. Take 2 tablespoons 3 times a day before meals.

You can use the following tool. Mix 1 tbsp. spoon tansy flowers and horsetail herb, 2 tbsp. tablespoons of leaves, cranberries, rhizome and rhizomes of couch grass. Pour 1 tbsp. spoon mixture Cup boiling water, boil 5 minutes, strain and take 1 Cup in the morning during Breakfast and in the evening.

Effectively take care of the health of the kidneys are known to all parsley and celery. Take 1 kg of fresh parsley roots and one large celery root, chop, add 1 kg of natural honey and 1 liter of water. The mixture bring to a boil, remove from heat and infuse for 3 days. Then add 1 liter of water, again bring to a boil, cool and strain in the form of heat. The resulting syrup, take 3 tbsp. spoon before eating.

Constantly encourage General capillary circulation. This will help running, swimming, exercise.

Only through an integrated approach it is possible to ensure your kidney health, and his longevity. Remember the ancient proverb of divisors: “with good kidneys you can live up to 100 years of age, even if the heart is sick!”.

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