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Named the best summer diets for quick weight loss

Названы лучшие летние диеты для быстрого похуденияNutritionists recommend to lose weight in the summer on one of these techniques diet.

In early summer many overtakes problem – are overweight and need to quickly be reset. Options for weight loss weight and it is very important to find the motivation and strength to try them myself.

So you do not lose precious time, nutritionists have made a rating of the summer diets that will help you to get rid of the hated kilograms and without hesitation to go on vacation to the sea.

We present to your attention five of the best summer diet:

Salad diet. Main dish are salads of fresh vegetables and greens with vegetable oils. The salt in them should be replaced by lemon juice or vinegar. So the process of getting rid of extra pounds accelerated.

A quick diet. Its essence lies in the rapid weight loss, for example, when you need tomorrow to go to sea, and the waist remained after the winter a couple extra inches. During the day you should eat half a kilo of green apples, 200 g of boiled chicken and to drink 0.7 l of kefir.

Summer cabbage soup. This dish is considered a staple diet for losing weight and in the summer it is popular because its ingredients accessible to everyone. Cabbage soup with other seasonal vegetables can be eaten in any amount and lose a kilogram a day.

A raw food diet. Summer is the time to try for yourself the benefits of a raw food diet. During the day you can have all the gifts of nature, but only raw. Weight loss per day can reach up to 2 kg, depending on the initial weight.

Model diet. Allowed only two meals, where the first chicken egg soft-boiled, and the second – 150 grams of cottage cheese and a Cup of green tea. The rest of the time need to drink mineral water without gas. The effect of diet you will be amazed, but you shouldn’t use it.

You can choose any of those diets, but to call them gentle and useful is difficult, and therefore, keep it no longer than one week and be sure to take multivitamins so as not to ruin during weight loss your health.

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