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Named the best products to detoxify the body

Названы лучшие продукты для детоксикации организмаEight products for cleaning the body in winter.

To keep your body in balance and equilibrium, it is necessary to control the diet.

Scientists have compiled a list of natural products-cleaners, which is best eaten in the winter.

*Broccoli: provide the body with a decent dose of vitamins, toxins. Cook for a couple, in soups and vegetable stews.

*Lentils: rich in fiber, contains a large amount of vegetable protein. Lentils lowers cholesterol and sugar. Lentil porridges improves metabolism, normalizes the urinary organs, and boosts immunity.

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*Grapefruit: lowers cholesterol, prevents kidney stones and AIDS the digestive system.

*Watercress: rejuvenates and regenerates the cells of the body, is a natural diuretic.

*Mash: easily digested and are a source of vegetable protein.

*Lemons: these citrus fruits are included in all detox diets. If you cannot complete the detox course, just try more often to drink warm water with lemon before meals. This will help the body to cleanse itself naturally.

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Cilantro: helps the body get rid of heavy metals, which can lead to depression, cancer, hormonal problems with the thyroid gland. Salads and vegetable side dishes.

*Avocado: a natural antioxidant. Struggles against unbound radicals. Vitamin C is a good reducing agent strength to people suffering from various colds and viral diseases. Very useful for the entire digestive system.

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