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Named the best product for cleansing the body

Назван лучший продукт для очищения организмаInclude cranberries to the diet and you will notice that you will have more strength.

In winter, jam, juice, fresh cranberries, dried and frozen – a real salvation for immunity. This product contains large amount of vitamin C! The best way to prevent colds – tea with cranberry! Tasty, healthy and don’t need to eat handfuls of pills.

What are the advantages of cranberries?

Improves the appetite. Cranberries can improve appetite and digestion. Don’t worry, in 100 g only 28 calories!

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Treatment of cystitis. For women in winter, it is important to look beautiful, and then the heat! Tights 40 den, dresses, and then cystitis is! Cranberry is useful in that it is able to treat inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system. It can be used as prophylaxis, and of course, dress warmly!

The increased potency. Men can also useful to use the cranberries as the berry increases potency and prevents the growth of bacteria in the bladder.

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Eliminates toxins . This berry is able to eliminate toxins from the body and strengthen the metabolism. If you are watching your weight, you can safely turn on the cranberries in the diet.

Relieves fatigue . In the winter we are quickly tired. If at 16.00 hours, we begin to feel that you are no longer able to think. This is not surprising, because the body not enough sunlight, vitamins and minerals.

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