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Named the best pickup trucks that went down in history

Названы лучшие пикапы, которые вошли в историю In the United States of America cars in this segment is extremely popular.

RAM, Chevrolet Silverado, Ford F-Series – take first place in sales for a long time.

One such popular car was the Ford Model T. the Creation of Henry Ford was a modification of the pickup truck, which is due to the changed body could carry a lot of things. Popular car was the officials and farmers, and was released in the amount of 30 000 pieces.

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GAS-4 – the first Soviet truck. Modified passenger car GAZ-a was also used for transportation. 40-horsepower engine could take on yourself 400kg of cargo. Willys Jeep Truck, 1947 first civilian car of this kind. The company created a small car that weighed only 3 tons. Over the next 12 years he captured 70% of the world market.

Datsun 1000 – American car in 1959, was created from the main model Datsun. Machine the next 10 years was popular in the USA, the carrying capacity of the car was than 230kg.

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Also, the list included the Ford Ranchero, Chevrolet El Camino, International Harvester Travellette, Chevrolet Big Doolie, IZH-27151, Toyota Hilux 4×4, UAZ Pickup, Lawn-Next and many other popular cars.

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